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Mark Clausing, Cindy Whitaker


Welcome to PMDO Music, one of the top sellers of American square and round dance music.  We are a well established recording company, having been in the business over 50 years. 

Mark Clausing and Cindy Whitaker, owners/producers of PMDO Music, are both internationally known callers and recording artists with over 75 years of calling experience between them.  As company owners/producers, they strive to create square dance music that all generations can enjoy from all genres of music.  Endeavoring to keep the instrumentation of their square dance productions as close as possible to the original songs gives PMDO Music the uniqueness of having many different instrumental sounds as dictated by the original songs.  Mark and Cindy also played an integral part in changing square dance music from the traditional sound of the past to the more up to date sound of modern music we have today.

PMDO Music currently produces and releases music on Prairie, Mountain, Desert, Ocean Wave and Mar-Let recording labels and have over 700 total releases.   

MP 3's can be purchased through our distributor, Paul Cote at  or call: 713-955-5957.

For Vinyl, CD's and MP3's contact Bob Shiver at