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Mark Clausing, Cindy Whitaker

MR - 118  Volcano                                     Cindy        instrumental/vocal



PR 1076        North to Alaska                             Chuck Donahue         
PR 1054        Detroit City                                   Johnny Scott              instrumental/vocal
PR 1024        Coward of the County                     Al Horn                     instrumental/vocal
MR 19             *Mountain Music                                   Mark Clausing                instrumental/vocal
                      * Be sure to listen to the Middle Break

Others to check out:

MR 136     Banana Boat Song                          Bob Wilcox                     instrumental/vocal
D 108       Mamba #5                                     Hans                              instrumental/vocal
D 49         I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door         Mark                             instrumental/vocal
D 46         Singin' the Blues                              Troy Ray                       instrumental/vocal
D-117       La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)      Hans                      instrumental/vocal
MAR 1101  Where the Sidewalk Ends                 Cindy                            instrumental/vocal
MR 170      Someone Like You                           Mark                            instrumental/vocal
MR 164      Storms Never Last                           Mark                            instrumental/vocal
MR 163      Tennessee Flat Top Box                   Cindy                           instrumental/vocal
MR 154      Today I Started Loving You Again      Bob W.                        instrumental/vocal
 MR 149       One Last Kiss                                 Cindy                           instrumental/vocal 
MR 141       Three Wooden Crosses                    Bob W.                        instrumental/vocal
MR 137       Wear My Hat                                  Mark & Cindy               instrumental/vocal
MR 135       Jump (For My Love)                        Mark & Cindy               instrumental/vocal
MR 134       Dec '63 (Oh What A Night)               Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR 133       Jamaica Farewell                             Bob W.                       instrumental/vocal
MR 132       Down at the Twist & Shout               Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR 128       What the Cajun People Say               Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR 121        Black Velvet                                   Buddy Weaver             instrumental/vocal
MR 92         Lovin' What Your Lovin' Does to Me   Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR 77         Smokey Mountain Rain                     Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR 70         Fisherman's Luck                             Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR 49         Buckets                                          Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR 37         The Auctioneer                                Phil Kozlowski             instrumental/vocal
MR 13          Ride the Train                                Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR 3            Dig a Little Deeper in the Well         Mark                          instrumental/vocal
MR-179    Happy                                               Mark           instrumental/vocal
OR 82          Sea Cruise                                     Bob P.                        instrumental/vocal
OR 77          Rose of my Heart                           Bob P.                        instrumental/vocal
OR 70          Walking on Sunshine                      Bob P.                        instrumental/vocal
OR 43           Sailing                                         Dennis Levitt               instrumental/vocal
PR 1116        Get Rhythm                                  Al Horn                      instrumental/vocal
PR 1085        Serenade                                     Singing Sam Mitchell    instrumental/vocal

D-117       La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)      Hans           instrumental/vocal
 MR-179    Happy                                               Mark           instrumental/vocal
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