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Mark Clausing, Cindy Whitaker
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MR 177      Electric Avenue                     Mark              instrumental/vocal    
MR 175      Lean On Me                          Cindy             instrumental/vocal 
MR 174      Thank God for the Radio        Mark & Cindy  instrumental/vocal
MR 173      Come Along                          Mark              instrumental/vocal
MR 172      Dynamite                              Mark              instrumental/vocal
MR 171      Rock Me Gently                     Cindy              instrumental/vocal
MR 169      Give Me One More Chance      Mark              instrumental/vocal
MR 168      Square Dancing's Calling Me    Mark              instrumental/vocal    
MR 166      Nickelodeon Rag                    Bob W.           instrumental/vocal
MR 165      Haven't Met You Yet               Mark              instrumental/vocal
MR 161      Oye                                      Cindy              instrumental/vocal
MR 160      Slow Burn                              Mark              instrumental/vocal

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