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Mark Clausing, Cindy Whitaker

PR 901     Friendship Ring/Special Events         Special Events
PR 902     Goodnight Waltz/Cotton Eyed Joe     Dean Serena
PR 903     Storm Has Passed                           Ed Haynack
PR 904     Just Hang Loose                             Ed Haynack
PR 905     Opus One                                      Carl Schappacher
PR 906     Rag Top Day                                  Cindy
PR 907     Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                Harold
PR 908     Banana Boat Song                          Harold
PR 910     Smokey Mountain Memories            Harold
PR 914     Another Place, Another Time           Judy Mouton  instrumental/vocal
PR 915 
   Crocodile Shoes                      Harold        instrumental/vocal
PR 916      Let Me Be Your Sun                       Harold         
PR 917
    Nickelodeon Rag                            Harold           instrumental/vocal
PR 918     Someone Like You                          Harold           instrumental/vocal   
PR 919     Senorita Serenade                          Harold           instrumental/vocal  

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